2023 Exhibit

Over 200 Years of Newcomb Schools:
Eleven Schools

Joseph Chandler

Newcomb’s first teacher from 1816-1826, he transported Pendleton children to and from his home for schooling. Chandler was an unpaid teacher.

Mary F. Breen

Mrs. Breen was dedicated to history, but for over 30 years her devotion was to her students. Generations of Newcomb students were drawn to her artful teaching, sincerity, and consistent kindness.

Lyle E. Roberts

From 1925 to 1960, the Union Free District and Newcomb Central School were expertly transformed and built again from the ashes by this visionary principal.

2022 Exhibit

A variety of general stores have existed throughout Newcomb,
eighteen different stores since the 1800s.

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2018 Exhibit

“a joy it will be one day, perhaps,
  to remember even this”

“haec olim meminisse juvabit”

Building Santanoni in 1893

2017 Exhibit

Mining in the Mountains
The Tahawus Story