$20. Tahawus Memories, The Story of a Unique Adirondack Hometown, by Leonard A. Gereau

          We are pleased that educator and author, Leonard A. Gereau, has generously contributed the rights and proceeds from the sale of his book to the Newcomb Historical Museum for a period of years.  NHM now sells single copies at the museum and distributes in quantity to commercial vendors. Tahawus Memories is currently in its 4th printing, and a 5th printing is expected during Fall 2019.

          The book is told by Mr. Gereau and partly from the perspectives of several residents who grew up in the remote Adirondack mining village of Tahawus, in the township of Newcomb, from 1941 to 1963. In 1963, the National Lead Company began moving the village store, the homes, apartment buildings, and even the churches—all unbelievably transported by huge trucks–to the former Finch Pruyn property in Newcomb. Tahawus Memories records some of the most fascinating real-life stories in Adirondack history.  $20 per copy.

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$25. Santanoni, From Japanese Temple to Life at an Adirondack Great Camp, by Robert Engel, Howard Kirschenbaum, and Paul Malo

$10.  A Social History Of The Huntington Wildlife Forest, Which Includes Rich Lake and The Pendelton Settlement, by Raymond D. Masters.

  $30. Adirondac 1826-1858, by Robert McNamara.