Log jam at the Hudson River Bridge in Newcomb.

    Whether you are Adirondack born, a first-time visitor, or one of the many people in between, the Newcomb Historical Museum is here for your use. Based on its two-fold purpose of “Exploring the Past, Enriching the Present,” NHM serves current Newcomb and regional residents, those living throughout the U.S. and other countries with ancestral roots in the area, as well as visitors who travel here for spectacular views and unique outdoor adventures.

    We remain open year round. An important element of our Adirondack history has been an appreciation of four seasons and staying active in each of them. Our staff members are willing to answer your questions or assist completion of your projects through the year.

Art Tummins, the Santanoni caretaker for over 50 years, 

and a fishing guest 

showing off their catch.

4 Adams Lane

Across from Overlook Park

5631 State Rte. 28N

Newcomb, NY

Board of Trustees

Don Seauvageau

Vice President
Ruth Olbert


Poppy Cummings


Wester Miga

Charlotte L.

Tom Harrington

Barbara Kearns

Liz McGuinness

Jim Montanye

Mike Tracy

Jill Vallee

Joan Burke, PH.D.


A Man Wearing Gold Ring

Our Team

We do the research, design the exhibits, give the tours, and so much more.

Suzanne Mills

Administrative Assistant


Laurinda Minke

Graphic Artist and Photo Archivist


Patricia Sullivan

Curatorial Assistant


     Our dedicated team of curators and staff work tirelessly to research, document, and curate the artifacts and stories that make up the Newcomb Historical Museum. We are committed to providing an engaging and informative experience for all visitors.

      We are open 6 days a week. 

      Call or email us with your
      questions or to schedule individual
      research or a tour for a large group. 

      Exhibit Season: Memorial Day    
      Weekend to Mid-October,
      Seeley Exhibit Hall Hours
      M-Sat., 10-5.

      McCoy Exhibit Hours W-F, 1-4.

      Winter at McCoy only: November to  
      April 30th,  Hours M-Th. 10-3.